A Straight Ace Student

Sun Herald

Sunday December 24, 2000

By HOLLY BYRNES, Education Reporter

FOR the HSC's youngest candidate, it's game, set and match. Ebon Bokody, 13, from Picton High School, made history when he sat for two and three unit mathematics.

The keen tennis player, who contested State junior championships just after sitting his exams, scored 95 per cent in two units and 86 per cent in the advanced course.

His results impressed academics at Macarthur University, Campbelltown, where Ebon has been offered a place to study next year and is being considered for a scholarship.

The young Einstein will fit five hours of first-year university maths into his year 8 timetable in 2001, sitting alongside many of the 18-year-olds he competed against, for top marks in the HSC.

``Being a kid didn't worry me, it was more the pressure of the HSC itself," Ebon said. ``It's a pretty big thing."

His parents, Mark and Donna, were left to do the fretting.

``It's all come very quickly and has been a bit of a shock," Mr Bokody, a self-employed signwriter said. ``One year, he was in primary school and next year, he is going to university."

Between regular holiday activities like spending time on the tennis court and swimming with his three siblings in the backyard pool, Ebon plans to swot up on course work for four unit maths, in preparation for the challenge of university.

This time last year, the then primary school student was busy teaching himself the Year 11 maths course which saw him skip to Year 12 study when he began high school.

``He spent time nearly every day working at it so he could prove he deserved a place in the senior class," his mum, Donna, said.

``He's always determined to be the best at things he sets his mind to, or enjoys.

``That means he's always having to prove himself, but he seems to have thrived on it so far."

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